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Mongezi wa' Sefika, founder of AHI addressing members of the Ugandan political pressure group, The Reform Agenda at the International Republican Institute in Washington DC.
Azania Heritage International


VIPS* openings for activists and organizers!

NB! Send CV or RESUME by 12/01/04

(VIPS is stands for volunteers, interns and part-time staff)

On December 18, 2004 onwards AHI is launching the Afrikan Community Development Programs of Pittsburgh (ACDP-P) to address the socio-economic-cultural needs of Afrikan Continental exiles, immigrants, students, workers and their families who are marginalized and lack a safety network for local empowerment and direct action for their interests and identity. It is in this context that AHI is re-organizing its local focus/activism while not dissociating itself from traditional allies and coalition partners.

WE are accepting inquiries and applications for interview as from the time you read this!

The following position are being advertised for activists and organizers to fill:

a) Administrative Organizing Assistants (2)

b) Executive Organizing Assistants (2)

c) Financial Management Director (1)

d) Institutional Development Director (1)

e) Institutional and Organizational Promoters (4)

Volunteers and intern can start as soon as they are available and part-time staff will be selected out of the original successful volunteers and interns who did satisfactory work for our projects/programs they volunteered and/or served as interns for. The part-time staff will be hired with effect from January 01, 2005 from the pool above.

The principle is to have part-time staff who will eventually be full-time staff with a proven record of commitment and interest in Afrikan Advocacy, Local Empowerment with Global linkages with AHI!

All correspondence and inquiries be directed to Mongezi S. Nkomo, Azania Heritage International, The Thomas Merton Center for Peace, 5125 Penn Avenue, PA 14224.

Phone: 412-361-3022 x 02; fax 412-361-0540 email:

Mongezi Sefika wa Nkomo

Coordinating Executive Organizer

Azania Heritage International

c/o Thomas Merton Center for Peace

5125 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

United States


Fax: 412-361-0540

Business, Community Development, Flags, National Cultures ETC!

Please SAVE THESE DATES for Azania Heritage International Activities and Fund raiser October 2003 through September 2004!

Friday 7pm to 9pm and 10pm to 2am Children/Family Socio-cultural evening with food, fun, music and networking! At Bally's Jamaican Restaurant/Cotonou Hall. Families/Children 7pm to 10pm and Young Adults, Professionals, Students and Young at Heart from 10pm till 2am.
Donations: per child and per adult per serving including soft drinks etc 7pm to 10pm; from10 pm to 2pm for students with ID and for other adults per serving including age relevant beverages.

Saturday 9am to 5pm, November 01, 2003 Azania Heritage International Open House:

Introducing Five Divisions of AHI and Allied and Constituent Organizations-

Afrikan Trans-Atlantic Associates-promoting small business, women, marginalized and disabled entrepreneurs to trade, invest and form partnership with counterparts in the Motherland. Hosting the December 19 and 20, 2003 AFRIKA-USA BUSINESS AND CULTURAL MICRO-SUMMIT. Usual meetings first Saturdays of each month at Duquesne University Bayer Hall, Room 27 and the third Saturday at the Berkley Program Center,1905 Wylie Avenue, a part of the Hill House Association, 1835 Center Avenue, Pittsburgh. Call Mongezi at 412-361-3022 for details.

Bala-Funda (Afrikan) Cultures and Languages Academy
- for Xhosa, Tswana, Swahili, Igbo, Yoruba, Afrikaans, Shona etc classes. Classes are held every Tuesdays and Thursdays  at 6pm to 8pm , beginning November 04 and 06, 2003, at the Barkley Program Center, 1905 Wylie Avenue, a division of the Hill House Association, 1835 Center Avenue, Pittsburgh PA. For registration and costs call Mongezi @  412-361-3022.

Banake-Sana Lwam- The Children's Division is holding Afrikan Heir Braiding and Grooming Classes beginning Thursday 5:30 pm to 7pm, November 06, 2003 at Project 1877, 4805 Penn Avenue at Mathilda St. in Garfield. This is hosted by an Afrikan lady expert and owner of a local Hair Braiding Salon. For further information call Mongezi 412-361-3022.

BLESSAA- A division promoting Better Life through Education for Soul Sistahs of Afrika in America. This is for women to share nurturing experiences for professional and entrepreneurial growth through education and training. Meets every second Saturday  10am to 12noon at the Barkley Program Center.

CORESARO- AHI's Community Resource for Social Activism and Revolutionary Organizers for Social Peace through Economic Justice meets every Second Saturday, 10 am to 12 noon at the Barkley Program Center, 1905 Wylie Avenue.


Collective for Black Freedom (Pittsburgh's East and South End Black Communities) Unite and Resist and Unite and Resist Central, North and East Ends Black Communities) are holding a Fund raiser as constituent allies of Azania Heritage International on Friday 8pm till, November 07, 2003 at Centre Avenue Hall, Centre Avenue across from the Black Beauty Bar in the Hill District, half a block from the Hill House and the Police Station.


For more information, please, call Mongezi at (412) 361-3022 or Email AZANIA HERITAGE at

Dennis Brutus, Professor Emeritus, Department of Africana Studies, University of Pittsburgh. Brutus will was once in jail with Nelson Mandela and will be sharing his experiences about the appartheid regime. Brutus will was once in jail with Neslon Mandeal and will be sharing his experiences on with the appartheid regime of South Africa. Photo: By of Peter Okema Otika. PITT. PROFESSOR WHO WAS JAILED WITH MANDELA REMBERS BIKO
By Peter Okema Otika

History has noted for generations that the brave, the inspirational and the visionary have always died young. So did Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and in Africa, Bantu Steve Biko. They all died young, murdered by enemies of peace and justice.

Born December 18, 1946, in Eastern Cape, South Africa, Biko grew up a brilliant boy and a gifted medical student. But when he started preaching Black Consciousness as opposed to racism and cultural imperialism to his fellow youth, Biko was dismissed from college and consequently, his days got numbered.

In 1973 the South African Apartheid government banned Steve Biko. Under the ban, Biko was restricted to his hometown of Kings William's Town in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Biko was detained and beaten to unconsciousness by apartheid police and died on September 12, 1977. His legacy remains the aspirations of millions of Africans in Africa, America, the Caribbean and Europe. He remains a legend of black consciousness and a Champion of freedom, a vision that Africans and justice loving people continue to seek all over the world.

“I continue to keep alive the memory of Bantu Steve Biku outside Africa and I am very proud of it," says Dennis Brutus, Professor Emeritus, Africana Studies, University of Pittsburgh.

Speaking to this writer from his University of Pittsburgh office recently, Brutus who himself was tortured and jailed, together with former President Nelson Mandela during the days of the apartheid regime in South Africa said Biko was a visionary African martyr.

Biko's vision and advocacy for Black Consciousness was very instrumental in resisting white apartheid oppression of Africans. By developing the notion of Black Consciousness, Biko ideologically armed the Africans to resist apartheid," he said.

Brutus however, expressed discontent at the maneuvers and political distortion of the history of Biko especially by the Africa National Congress party of Nelson Mandela. Brutus blames the ANC for reaping from Biko's sweat and yet originally, ANC was a racially biased party without a political ideology. He accuses the ANC for the misery of today's black South Africans while their white counterparts remained in control of most resources. He also lashed at Donald Woods, the author film and book "Cry Freedom" for distorting and contradicting the history of struggl especially when it comes to contributions of Biko.

Brutus advised young generation of Africans to learn from Biko because Biko has prophesized a lot of issues that have proven to be true.

The powers that existed under the apartheid is still exist today but with one difference. It has become even worse," Brutus lamented.

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