About Azania Heritage International

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Above: Price Mongezi Sefika wa' Nkomo. Mongezi a veteran anti-Aparthied activist founded Azania Heritage in 1991

Founded in 1991 by Veteran Anti-Apartheid activist Price Mongezi Sefika Nkomo, Azania Heritage International (AHI) is a non-profit community based local empowerment organization as well as a community resource on African culture, ethnicity, and languages, business and economic of radical social change.

Azania Heritage International is registered a project of the Thomas Merton Center (www.thomasmertoncenter.org) and is registered in the State of Pennsylvania as 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non-profit making organization. Our mission is to provide a multi-cultural space for a better world agenda, activism, programs and projects for those who need and want change for the better of society in general from current and historical perspectives.

Since 1991, AHI has, been a unique and dynamic resource organization on Africa in the Pittsburgh. Conscious of the historical and personal links between Africa and North America, AHI, as an organization, was developed to create greater awareness among American people about developments in Africa and its people in the Diaspora. Over the years leading African artists, writers, politicians and musicians have participated in the activities of AHI, source of inspiration to one another, and shared their visions of Africa with American people.

What AHI is today

Today, we are more focused on supporting and promoting African issues and concerns in America with the goal of creating awareness within US-Africa policy makers. We would like to see American government get more committed to helping alleviate Africa's many problems just as America has done in helping Europe and Asia after World War II and Cold War respectively.

AHI’s new mission in 2003 is to be a flagship for Africa in the USA promoting the aspirations of Africa and its Diaspora; in particular to promote cultural, economic and socio-political initiatives in the US that assist in the development of Africa. Over the next few years the AHI’s programs will be based on the theme “strengthening and empowerment of African.” A crucial aspect of this will be its programs on promoting local empowerment of African immigrants in Pittsburgh.


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