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Peter Okema Otika (in glasses) welcoming Getu Tewolde shortly after coming out of the court house. Getu is a legal Ethiopian immigrant to USA and was arrested, abused, beaten and jailed by Pittsburgh police claiming he was a terrorist. This charge and others were dropped but after serious campaign by Azania Heritage and other civic organizations in Pittsburgh.
Getu's supporters boosting his morale at the city county building in Pittsburgh.
An Acholi girl in northern Uganda carrying flowers to be given to a local chief. The war in northern Uganda has been going on since 1986, thousands of ethnic Acholi have been killed and Yoweri Museveni president of Uganda seems not to be bothered.
The Great Southwest
Mongezi Sefika, Peter Okema Otika and members of other Pittsburgh civic organizations attending the celebration of the birthday of Malcolm X.
Africans and Britons in London join Ugandans and Rwandans in a recent demonstration against Ugandan and Rwandan involvement in the DRC Congo that has claimed well over 2 million innocent Congolese lives. Presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda were in London at the time meeting with Linda Short,a Tony Blair Cabinet member who resigend recently.
The Great Southwest
Peter Okema Otika, president of Azania Heritage International.
Pupils at a primary school in Uganda. The USA should strongly support African countries in their struggle to attain development, erradicate poverty and diseases.
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